Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Q & A-- part 1 (regarding Hood to Coast)

Thank you for your questions.  I have a lot to work with! Many of you were kind enough to ask multiple questions, so I will break it up into more than one post. If you want to join the party and ask a question, it is not too late to post here.

Since a lot of the questions were from my Hood to Coast teammates, I’ll start with the ones relating to Hood to Coast.
XLMIC asked, “What do you think will present the biggest challenge for YOU at HTC? For the group?”
I think the biggest challenge for me as well as the group is dealing with lack of sleep.  Several of us are mothers, so we are used to strange sleep patterns, but my kids started sleeping through the night a few years ago, so I am not as used to it as some people are. I will bring plenty of Zip Fizz to keep me caffeinated. I know it will be interesting, to say the least.

I also worry a bit about the food thing [see next question]. I can go longer without sleep than I can without food, but I have a feeling food will be easier to come by.

Margot wrote, “What are you going to eat at HTC?”
I’ll eat whatever is available.  I will be sure to bring a stash of Luna Bars.  I really can’t live without those.  Other than that, I am open.to whatever is available. I like snacking on things like nuts and chips.  I love cheese, but I’m not sure how much cheese I’ll want.

I wonder how my tummy will hold up.  Normally, I can eat just about anything, but not necessarily before running.  I do tend to get tummy issues while running.  I hope there are plenty of porta potties, because when I have to go, I have to GO.  And using the bushes is grounds for disqualification.  So I will pass on the veggies etc.

Tricia asked,“When you get tired do you get grumpy or silly?” (I know this question isn’t specifically related to HTC, but since Tricia is in my van, I am sure she wants to know what she is in store for).  I get a little of both.  I notice that my fuse gets a bit shorter when I am tired.  I am more likely to snap at my kids (no…I am not the mother of the year).  Sibling squabbles tend to set me off when I am tired, as well as the dumb driver who cuts me off in traffic. I have also been known to go into giggle fits when I am tired. I am actually looking forward to a giggle fit or two during the Hood to Coast weekend.
She also wanted to know, “How are you flying with a sleeping bag?”   She knows that this is a question I have been wondering since being notified of my spot on the team.  I still don’t know how I am going to fly with a sleeping bag.  Mine is pretty bulky and I didn’t want to bring a huge duffel bag or suitcase (our space on the van is limited).  Any suggestions on how to fly with a sleeping bag?  Do I check the sleeping bag as luggage and put my clothes in a carry-on?

I will continue with the questions soon.

Happy Running…


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Have you seen the movie Hood to Coast? I saw it when it premiered and wondering how many people doing it have seen the movie.

Tricia said...

I get giggly and loopy too,should be fun :).

And my sleeping back is thin,so fit in large duffle bag.hopefully the bag isn't too big. I had thought about packing INSIDE the sleeping bag,but my husband said I'm crazy.

New fear: I check my bag and it gets lost. Please pack an extra outfit for me :)

XLMIC said...

Ha! @ tricia…i was thinking about that bag getting lost thing too :P

I think sleep will be my biggest challenge too.

Kathy said...

port-o-potties are not a problem at h2c - there are plenty! My 2 cents: try to use them at the more minor exchange points - NOT at the exchanges where both vans meet which are way more crowded and there are often lines late in the race...you'll do great!

Rebecca H said...

I just found out about your blog through my cousin, Karen Coakley, and I'm really interested to follow your experience at H2C. Some friends just asked this week if I'd be interested in trying to get a spot for a team for it next year, and I'm pretty pumped about the idea. Looking forward to reading more!


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