Friday, August 5, 2011

Q & A—part 2

This is the continuation of my answers to the Q & A post.  Thanks for some great questions!
XLMIC asked: How would you describe your sense of humor? I am not particularly funny, but I can definitely laugh at myself. I suppose I have a bit of a dry sense of humor, enjoying mild sarcasm and humor you have to think about.  I don’t usually enjoy laughing at someone else’s expense, which is why laughing at myself makes it all more fun.

Are you reluctant to speak up when something is bothering you? I really don’t like confrontation, so I guess I am reluctant in speaking up.  I often let things roll off my back, rather than make an issue about it. Luckily, I get over things very quickly.  “Grudge” is not in my repertoire.

What is your best "mom" quality" Your best "wife" quality? My best “mom” quality is probably the fact that I don’t hover.  I let my kids discover the world for themselves. For example, I let them (ages 5 and 7) walk the dog down the street by themselves or climb trees.  Some parents might look at me at the park and say that I am not “parenting” enough. I disagree.  I know exactly where my kids are, I am there to kiss their owies (without babying them), and I stop them before they do something imminently dangerous (running with a sharp stick etc.).  The result of this parenting style? Two very independent and confident children.mia jackson mcleod lake
As a wife, I also do not “hover.” I give my husband the freedom to do the things he wants and try to be as supportive as possible.  For example—guy’s weekend in Vegas?  sure.  Hockey on the weekends? sure. In return, he is happy when I go out for my runs.  My version of Vegas? St. George with my running group in October and then Santa Barbara with friends to run the half marathon in November.  We love hanging out with each other, but don’t smother. We definitely support each other. We agreed when we first got married that our marriage would not be 50-50, but rather 100-100—with both of us giving 100%.

Do you like pantyhose? No, no, no.  I wore panty hose for close to twenty years in my professional life.  My work environment was relatively formal and suits were required.  I even wore panty hose while I was nine months pregnant in Palm Springs in the summer.PURE.TORTURE.  Never again, if I can help it.

Christy asked:  What is your favorite cuss word? I know this is boring, but I don’t have much of a potty mouth.  I have tried, but it just doesn’t fit me. While I have been known to let out an occasional “shit”, you are more likely to hear me say, “oh dear” or something equally as mundane.

What is the best thing to put on ice cream? I really like ice cream on its own.  My favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough, which doesn’t need anything added.When we do frozen yogurt, I prefer fruit and granola.

What is your favorite song to sing in the shower? I usually just sing whatever is going through my head, which is probably something off Kidz Bop*, the music of choice of my children.

Flying or invisibility? Definitely flying.  No question.flying super power
Fair Weather Runner asked: What's your guilty pleasure? I am embarrassed to admit that I am a sucker for reality television.  But I only really like competition shows, none of those Housewife things.  I would love to say that we don’t own a television and read every night after dinner.  However, that is not the case. I love everything from Top Chef to the Bachelorette to Amazing Race. Watching things like American Idol and Survivor is our down time, and we often watch it as a couple or even as a family. My kids’ favorite show is Wipeout.  So, yup…definitely a guilty pleasure. Did I mention that we love our DVR?

I have a few more questions to answer, so stay tuned!!  Thanks again for playing along!

Happy Running…

*Kidz Bop takes popular music and makes it kid-friendly.  Most of the songs are sung by teens and they often change the lyrics to by more appropriate for the younger set.  


Tricia said...

love getting to know you better

Being Robinson said...

love these! thanks for answering my question. i LOVE the amazing race, top chef and wipeout. tv (i'm with you, not that housewife junk, i like the competition type shows) is SO a guilty pleasure for me.

XLMIC said...

Flying would be pretty rad :)

I love these things... I love learning more about people.

Margot (fasterbunnyblog) said...

Interesting stuff. And yeah, flying for sure. It would save SO much in airline costs. haha.


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