Saturday, May 23, 2009

Taking it to the next level

Let's face it. I am 42 years old and have been running for less than two years. I will never be competitive in running. Women my age placing in their age group have been running for decades. I might have a shot at an age group award in some small local race. Unfortunately, there aren't too many of those in San Diego.

So.... taking it to the next level has taken on new meaning for me. While I will never be an elite athlete or anything approaching that, I can share what I have learned with others (especially women who are just starting out). It is something that I love to do. That is why I have enrolled in the RRCA* Coaching Certification program in two weeks.
The RRCA program focuses on issues specific to adult road running and racing, including coaching fundamentals, scientific background and the establishment of training schedules and goals to help athletes reach their running potential. Whether the goals are race specific or general fitness, this program will provide the background and training to work with individual runners.
I am super excited. We justified the cost in that I might actually be able to make money with this. I can certainly deduct it from my income taxes for my Stroller Strides income. But ultimately, this is a way to fuel my passion. I have always loved school and learning. I am thrilled at the idea of spending two long days learning more about running!

I am hoping that I can learn a lot and can make this blog a resource to other runners. I am also hoping to add value to my current Stroller Strides clients who want to add running to their fitness regime. Oh... and maybe I can improve my own running along the way.

On a completely different subject, I ran my last long run today before the Rock-n-Roll Marathon next weekend. We ran eight miles. My shins were not feeling good at all. The good news is that they didn't hurt bad enough to hurt my gait or stop me from running. I took it easy and as I ran, the pain wasn't very noticeable. I am going to continue to ice, ice, ice. I am also going to take it very easy this week. The key seems to be in my calves. I have been doing the foam roller and I can feel a knot in both calves. I'm going to keep working on them. It was nice to run with Laura this morning. We kept up a nice conversation and enjoyed the quiet bay front. We hadn't run along the big bay together since AFC.

I hope everyone has a nice long weekend. Happy running!

*Road Runners Clubs of America


Erika said...

Sounds cool! I keep wondering how I can combine my love of running with my love of researching and actually make money doing something LOL.

Glad your shins weren't too bad today and that you have some idea what the issue might be.

MCM Mama

Irene said...

The only time I've placed 2nd in my age group (in San Diego) is when the the really fast women didn't show up that day... It's hard to find a smaller race in San Diego, especially with some of the die hard women in the masters category (which is where I'm at.) They're speedy!

It looks like you had a really good run today!

The RRCA program sounds exciting! Keep us posted on how it all works. I'm highly intrigued.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Irish Cream said...

I think the RRCA program is a WONDERFUL idea! I am so excited for you!

Rest up this week and keep rolling and stretching those calves! I'm sending you all the positive, pain-free vibes I can muster! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm signed up for RRCA coaching certification here in Vegas on June 13! I too would like to have that be a possibility for income someday and I think it would help my blog posts. Are you doing the class in Pasadena? My friend Jimmy will be at that class, since he has to be out of town the weekend it is here in Vegas.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

Aka Alice said...

That is such a great idea for you! I know you've been interested in some new avenues...this could be just the thing.

I ran a 5K in Encinitas (Moonlight Beach) a few years was a small field (not that I was ANYWHERE near the top) but you would have been. You're right, all the good races here are big races. Penny runs some smaller races in LA...but then ya gotta drive to LA (no offense to Angelinos, but bleh).

Take it easy this week. You're in good shape. I've discovered this hear that almost every ache and pain I have in my lower leg, regardless of where I feel it, is somehow related to tightness in the back (achilles, calf, hammy)...

7 more days!!!!

Oz Runner said...

i've never heard of rrca but sounds like something right up your alley....

Marathonman101108 said...

RRCA sounds like fun! There's no doubt in my mind that some R+R will do wonders for your aches and pains. You've done the training, and done it well. Now work on those calves and shins and kick some a*s this weekend!


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