Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I hope everyone voted!!

Voting has always been a big deal to me. I remember how excited I was to turn 18 so I could register to vote. My husband is a permanent absentee voter. I don't want to do that. There is something about going to the polls and casting my vote. There is something special, something ceremonial about it. I feel important every time I do it.

I love to bring my children with me to the polls. It is a bit of a hassle, keeping them from bothering others, but it is definitely worth it. They will remember that their mother voted in every single election. I hope it teaches them how important it is. This morning my five-year-old asked me in a clear pre-schooler's voice, "Mom, who are you voting for???" I replied, "I don't need to say... it is private." I heard other voters chuckle at our exchange. As I cast my ballot for the president and for some very important propositions, I actually got tears in my eyes. As we walked out, all three of us with "I Voted" stickers, I again was choked up explaining the importance of what I had just done. I know they don't understand it now, but I am sure they will remember this someday.


Kristin said...

This is such an important day to me. My county only does mail-in/drop-off ballots, so I voted on Saturday, but the actual day is still historic. The air is electric everywhere I go. I'm glad your children got to share this day with you.

RunnerMom said...

I felt that way, too. Seeing the little old African American lady in the wheelchair who got out in the rain.... I definitely teared up. Whatever the result, I'm just proud people got out and voted.

Great 5K race by the way! Those splits are crazy fast!!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about that when I saw others at the polls with kids. It really is a great example to set. You can't say you didn't try if you didn't vote...


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