Monday, April 7, 2008

Hills, hills and oh... did I mention the hills?

But we did it! Fourteen miles and we finished STRONG, despite the hilly terrain. We went up to Canyon Lake with Jen and her family. What a fantastic weekend. I'll talk a bit more about the weekend as a whole in my other blog, but for now, I will discuss our twenty miles of running during our mini-vacation (6 on Friday and 14 on Sunday).

If you think about the name Canyon Lake, by definition the lake sits at the bottom of a valley with steep sides. It is not in the middle of a flat desert. We should have known that there would be some hills. You never really think of hills unless they are particularly steep or you are running up them. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all. I am really glad we had the hills this week. I know that they made us stronger and they did a lot for building our confidence.

We ran farther than a half marathon. We ran the fourteen in 2 hours and 22 minutes. If you take off 10 minutes for that extra mile, that means that I would have run a killer half marathon in 2:12 or so. Not too shabby. Hmmm... how hard could that La Jolla Half Marathon be?? Nope. Not this year. I'm going to stick with the training schedule since it has worked so far.

So, as I stated above, we ran fourteen miles in 2:22. That is a 10:11 pace. It is a bit slower than last week's run, but like I said... those hills really slowed us down. The best thing about the entire run was how we finished. Our fastest mile was mile fourteen and the second fastest was mile thirteen. We definitely still had 'juice in the tank' at the end! Here is a breakdown of the split times:
Mile 1- 10:24 Mile 8- 10:06
Mile 2- 10:40 Mile 9- 10:03
Mile 3- 10:27 Mile 10- 10:26
Mile 4- 10:18 Mile 11- 10:15
Mile 5- 10:12 Mile 12- 10:01
Mile 6- 10:29 Mile 13- 9:39
Mile 7- 10:09 Mile 11- 9:25

Oh, did I mention that I waterskiied for the first time in over a decade on Friday? That seems a bit off topic, but if you have ever waterskiied you might know why it is relevent. Every muscle in my body was sore. I felt muscles that I forgot were even there. Both Jen and I skiied pretty hard and felt it. I STILL feel it. My arms and back hurt in addition to my quads. We skiied Friday after running six and then again Sunday afternoon after the long one. I must say, I am pretty impressed with ourselves. :-D

Here is a map of our run through the neighborhoods of Canyon Lake:

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