Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting ready to get MUDDY!

My friends and I are running in the San Diego Mud Run this afternoon. It isn't the famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run, but I am pretty sure it will be just as muddy and just as fun. This is a fall back week in our training, and we are scheduled to run seven. A raucus 10K with a killer hill should do just fine.

I am still a little sore from my tempo run on Thursday. I ran four fast miles with a warm up and cool down (that we did much too fast). Laura and I met up at Lake Murray. It was a happy coincidence, since we didn't plan to meet up there. We ran our first mile together and then she took off for the tempo miles. Our schedule says to run the tempo miles at 8:25. I am pretty sure that Laura ran them under 8:00!! I didn't run as fast, but I ran faster than the recommended (I think I was being a bit competitive). It was really hard and I was SO happy when I finished the four miles and could slow down.

Here are my splits:
mile 1- 9:10 (not much of a warm up, is it... I really need to work on that)
mile 2- 8:07
mile 3- 8:12
mile 4- 8:13
mile 5- 8:06
mile 6- 9:08 (hmmm....not much of a cool down either.)

Garmin does show that I jogged at a 10:30 pace for a minute and a half during the last mile before speeding up again. It is nice to see that I can recover quickly. A couple of those mile were nearly as fast as my speed intervals. The cool thing is that my "recovery" pace is my [optimal] race pace for the marathon!

Now I am off to find some old running shoes and grubby clothes for the Mud Run.


AKA Alice said...

Have fun on the Mud Run... My friend Betty has wanted me to do it with her for a couple of years, but I'm a big wuss about the whole getting really muddy and dirty part.

tgorourke said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes!


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