Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It feels like Christmas morning!

This morning around 8 a.m.* the doorbell rang and a package was dropped off,  Inside the package were these:
Adrenaline gts10
OMG… look at how PRETTY they are!
adrenaline gts10 close up
I have been running in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS series since I started running.  My first pair was the GTS7 and I have run in all the models up until this one, GTS10.  I enjoy my shoes and tried switching once and switched back within a month.  But now…my favorite shoes are PRETTY!  Seriously…opening the box made my day.

I’ve been putting off buying new shoes.  Mine only have just over 300 miles, but I have found that I need to switch them between 250-300 miles.  Miles or no miles, I bought my latest pair of shoes in January.  You should really replace your shoes every six months.**  If you have been reading here a while, you know that our family is in “transition” and looking for work and money is very tight.  I’m trying to stretch the budget as far as I can.  If I can run in a pair of shoes an extra month, I will.  Unfortunately, I have been dealing with IT band issues and yesterday my shins started hurting.  These are tell-tale signs that my equipment is failing (especially the shins).  No amount of budget stretching will make up for sidelining injuries.  My husband and I talked about it and came to the conclusion that my shoe budget is in the same category as coffee***—not an absolute necessity, but it is tough to live without.

I searched the internet for my trusty GTS9’s, knowing that they would be cheaper since they are discontinued.  Alas, none of the discounted websites had my size.  Where I could find my size, they were $85.  I soon found that I could get the new GTS10’s for that price.  I remembered that my Active Advantage membership offered a 20% discount to Running Warehouse.

I just have to take a moment to give a shout out to Running Warehouse.  I am a very satisfied customer!  I have used them in the past with very good luck.  They always seem to have what I need at a decent price.  With my 20% discount, my $100 shoes were $80.  Tax was $7 (damn California sales tax).  Shipping was free.  I ordered them yesterday morning around 7:30.  Just over twenty-four hours later, they were on my doorstep!!!  Not only that, but they included a label for return shipping if that is necessary.  Free shipping and free returns??  You can’t beat that!

I can’t post a discount code because they use a direct link, but I do know that Gibtown Runner has a link to a 15% discount****.  I am not getting anything for the endorsement of Running Warehouse, but I thought I would pass along my thoughts on this website.  I had used it in the past with good luck, but was delighted this morning with the quick service.

I am hoping that my new pretty shoes do the trick with the nagging issues I have been having the last week or two.  I am running two more races  this weekend (yes, I know… I seem to be addicted, don’t I?  More on that later) and hope that these shoes treat me as well as my last ones did (nothing like a few PR’s and a major marathon milestone to make you love a pair of shoes).

Happy Running…

*way too early after seeing the midnight showing of Eclipse.
**Come to think of it, I should really replace my trail shoes as well!
***beer falls into this category for my hubby, as well.  He enjoys his beer and we make room in our budget for it.  His beer budget is higher than my shoe budget on an annual basis.  LOL  ;-)
****maybe I’ll try to get a link like that on my blog!


gba_gf said...

~sigh~ I love my Brooks. Glad you got yours so quickly. And, they're so CUTE! I also always get that "twinge" in my IT band when I've tried to push them too far.... I hate the thought of anyone running too long in a "used up" shoe!

Aka Alice said...

oooooohhhhh pretty!

(LOL at the coffee/running shoes comparison!)

Char said...

They are really pretty. And what great service! I've been buying mine on-line lately - from the UK no less. My last pair only took 5 days to get here and cost half the retail price that I can get here.

Lindsay said...

new shoes!! love the flowery design!

Anonymous said...

Those are cute! I have a discount link to on the sidebar of my site too... I've always been impressed with their service!

Southbaygirl said...

New shoes should do the trick!!! Both of my Asics are nearing or past their "run date" so I've started running in the "free running shoes" I got from that RW photo shoot-wow, what a difference a new pair of shoes makes! No shin pain!

have a FANTASTIC time camping!!!

Terri said...

Are those Adrenalines? They are REALLY pretty! I'm like you, usually I don't care what they look like, but those are PRETTY! Girly Pink, I love it!

A few of my colleagues have ordered stuff through Chris' link to get the discount, and they've been very satisfied with what they've gotten from Running Warehouse. I think Chris just spent some time talking to them on the phone and they gave him the link. I'm sure if you called them, they would give one to you since your blog is so active.

It's a good sign that your shoes take such prominence in the budget. Like you said, it's cheaper than dealing with the injuries, in so many ways (physical, mental, etc., not to mention doctor's bills.)


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