Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Since I am not running much right now....

I thought I would share some of my cross training exercises. I will start out with some basic ones (that most of you probably already know) and when I get the hang of writing them out, I'll post more involved ones. The great thing about these are that you don't need to go to the gym to do them.

Today, I did my fourth team teaching for Stroller Strides. It was at Sea World, so it was a treat for the kids (although they love Stroller Strides, too) and me too! We went and hung out with Shamu after class! Did I mention how much I love living in San Diego?? The class and my teaching went well and I have a good start on my new endeavor.

Here are the stations I taught today:
*biceps-- [I use resistance bands, but you can use small dumbells too. Resistance bands are super convenient and you can bring them anywhere. You can buy them for less than $10 a piece]
  • Stand on the band with your feet shoulder distance apart holding each handle. Do a standard bicep curl. Do at least twelve repetitions or until you start to feel it. Keep the contraction going through the entire range of motion (UP and DOWN).
  • Keep your shoulders back and down (away from your ears) and pull your belly button into your spine. Posture is important!
  • If you stand on the band with one foot, lifting the other foot, you engage your core, getting more of a full-body workout.
  • At any time, add the lower half of the body by doing squats. Make sure your knees are over your ankles and you stick your butt out behind you (like you're sitting on a porta-potty, something I am much too familiar with. LOL) Your back should be straight and shoulders back. Do the bicep curl on the way up.
  • Change your grip to a hammer grip (just like you are holding a hammer with your knuckles verticle instead of horizontal). Do a few sets with this grip.
  • To really burn those biceps try a two-step bicep curl, pausing when your elbows are at a 90 degree angle. Then continue upward to a full range of motion.
  • Lastly, put your elbows at a 90 degree angle and move your hands holding the band in and out across your body on a level plane. There is no full curl here, just an extended contration of the bicep. You'll feel this burn quickly.
*triceps-- [using a bench or chair] *do not do if you have wrist issues
  • Sit on a bench with your hands next to your hips. Your fingers are over the bench.
  • Scoot forward a bit so your bum is hanging over the edge of the bench.
  • Bend your elbows straight back, lowering your bum (sorry... habit with talking to little kids). Keep your derriere (is that more grown-up?) as close to the bench as possible.
  • Make sure your shoulders are back and away from your ears.
  • The further your feet are from your body, the harder the exercise. To add even more intensity, stack one foot on top of the other with your legs straight out in front of you.
  • Do this for several sets.

****Thanks to all your comments regarding my running hiatus. I appreciate the kicks in the behind (yet another euphemism for booty *wink*) as well as those telling me to give myself a break. For the next week or two, running just doesn't fit with my schedule. My husband is leaving for nine days and it will be close to impossible to get out and run anything longer than three or four miles since I'll have a 2-year-old in a stroller.

I have decided not to worry about it. I will get back out there running once he gets back. I will have plenty of time before the Mud Run in November. I am pretty sure that I will be running the Las Vegas Half Marathon in December. I think that Jill and Kristin both talked about being there and it will be fun to meet. I will also be running the Carlsbad Half in January. So there is plenty to train for to keep my motivation back up there.

I am also thinking that my second marathon will be a reprise of the Rock-n-Roll Marathon here in San Diego. With two small children, a husband who works long hours and a new "job," one marathon per year is MORE than enough.

*As with any exercise, please consult a physician before beginning any workout program.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I filled out my registration for the LV Half-Marathon over the weekend, so I'll be there! (At first I thought I would just volunteer to be part of it, but now I'm running it... I couldn't resist.)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I think you really have found your calling with the fitness world!

Kristin said...

I'm so excited to hear that you're thinking of doing the Las Vegas Half! We'll definitely have to meet up!


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