Friday, June 5, 2009

RnR after some RnR

Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful encouragement. Five days later, I feel MUCH better about Sunday. As a matter of fact, I am damn proud of my 4:16! I am ready to train for another marathon (depending on our financial situation, logistics etc.) and this time I will have much more conservative goals. I know I'll get that four hour (or faster) brass ring someday, but in the meantime, I want to have a race where I feel strong and well-trained. For the next couple of months, I am going to get ready for America's Finest City Half Marathon in August. Right now, I don't plan on going for a PR. I really want to have fun. I have a lot of friends running it and several doing their first half marathon.

I feel pretty much healed physically. I was pretty sore (especially my quads) on Monday and even more so on Tuesday. You should have seen me walking up and down the stairs. I actually walked down the stairs backwards because it was easier. But today I feel great. I even did my dreaded "squat o' rama"* at Stroller Strides today and my quads felt strong. I would have run yesterday or today, but I was SO tired when I woke up. I didn't feel any pressure to get out there and run.... so I didn't.

Here are some pictures from the race:

Right at the beginning

At mile 21.... I fake it pretty well.

If you look closely, you can tell I am TIRED.

Here I am at the end. I am so glad that I am running and look pretty strong.

I even have a smile on my face.

You would never know that Laura and I both felt like we wanted to throw up.

If you check out and type in my bib: 6053, you can see me finish. I am pretty much in the middle of the screen crossing at 4:17:53. I am amazed at how many people were coming across at that time! I am also amazed how slow we all look. You can see me put my hands on my hips and hobble a bit. I do look tired as I walk out of sight.

Well... I am off to learn all about running and coaching. I am driving up to my brother's house in Orange County and then going up to Pasadena tomorrow for my training. I am excited to learn more about running and how to help myself and others get better. I'll be sure to report when I get back!

*Squat o' rama-- static squat with thighs parallel to the ground and arms out in front of you (like tucking a ski run). Hold it for about 10 counts or longer, with slight bouncing. Then we lean over and put all our weight on one leg for 10 counts and then the other. Back to center for 10 counts. Do 10 full range squats, pulling your arms back as you move up and down. Do the entire set again. Burn, baby, burn!


Irene said...

You're smiling in the pics! I'm glad you've had time to reflect and feel better about it. 4:16 is fabulous! Even though I had a decent marathon, I'm not smiling in most of the professional marathon photos. I can't figure that out, other than being in the "zone." Ha.

Irish Cream said...

Ha, I don't think I've EVER been smiling in a race photo before, so kudos for that--you look great!

Also, when you are so focused on a specific time goal, I think sometimes it just takes some reflection after the fact to realize what a great accomplishment it really was despite missing the time goal. Running that race in 4:16 really was an amazing feat, especially when you take all of the minute details into account. You SHOULD be very proud of yourself!

Hope you have fun learning about coaching! I'm excited to hear about it!

Mama said...

Awesome pictures! I'm so very impressed with your 4:16!

Hope the coaching thing works out for you.

MCM Mama

Anonymous said...

Only because you'd said how you really felt toward the end of the race woudl I know that you were faking it. You do fake it really well!

I am glad you are feeling better about the marathon. You should be so proud of yourself.

If you can get yourself to the east coast, you'd be more than welcome to stay with me and run the Bay State Marathon (and the half), in Lowell, Ma. They have the largest number of Boston qualifiers - I think it has something to do with the fact that it's SUPER FLAT. :-)

Anyway, when you qualify, just don't stress about expenses. All you'd need to do is get yourself here and we'd help you out!

RunnerMom said...

You look so strong in those pictures! I envy those arm muscles.

I just read your race report and it really brought my race back to life for me. I think you had a great finish time---40-minute PR is awesome. I know exactly how you felt as you felt your time goal slipping away and the fatigue setting in. I even remember those brief moments when you think about quitting, but you know it's not in you to quit.

Can't wait to hear about the training! I hope it was worthwhile.

aron said...

glad you are feeling better!! it just takes a little time but so happy you are proud of your time now because you should be!! your pics are awesome! you are smiling big in all of them :)

have a great time at the half too... i think running a race strictly for fun was one of the best things i could have done for myself this year.


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