Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm hosting my very own giveaway!!

I still haven't figured out how to get people to send me free stuff, but I do have something to give away to two of my readers. OK... it isn't anything super fabulous, but someone may really enjoy it.

I have nineteen packs of Orange Burst Gu* that my husband was given through his former work. My generosity is not entirely altruistic. I can't stand Orange Burst and I am sick of going into my basket of running supplements and grabbing one instead of my Just Plain or Espresso Love. I thought it would be fun to give eight each to two different readers. Because of his expressed love of Orange Gu, I will send OzRunner three of them (if he wants them) just because I told him I would**. *wink*

Leave a comment telling me about your favorite gel, chew or food for running (it doesn't have to be Orange Gu or other Gu). In the interest of expanding readership, if you link my blog in a post, you'll get one more entry. Just post another comment saying that you linked. Lastly, if you become a follower of my blog on Facebook, you'll get another entry (post another comment to let me know).

I'll use a random number generator to choose a winner on June 10 in the evening.

*In the interest of full disclosure, these Gu's are technically "expired." They are about a year old. I have been eating the Espresso Love and Just Plain from the same batch and haven't noticed anything odd about them. Honestly, I am not too worried about a sugary substance packaged in a foil container going bad. But I needed to let you know. I am pretty sure I know why we were able to score so many Gu's for free. *wink*
**Oz, if you are interested, send me your address at pslisarg at hotmail dot com.


Southbay Girl said...

I can't stand GU's-they make me want to puke! I don't know how you guys take them! What I LOVE are Bonk Breakers! They are my FAV!!!

Irish Cream said...

Okay, seriously! Why don't people want to give us free stuff? We are cute and fun and interesting (at least I think so!)! Don't we deserve freebies too? Ha, also . . . I would totally enter your giveaway, but I am SO not into orange burst. Yucky! (and perhaps THAT is why I don't win freebies)!

Twyska said...

I haven't ever tried a gu, but I have finally made it to 10 miles so I guess it's time to find a flavor that I like!!

Janet B. said...

Lisa... I like Luna Moons... Pomegranate flavor. I have them before I race and during transisitons sometimes. ;)

chris said...

Year-old Orange Burst is my fav!

I like the Chocolate Gu, although typing it makes it sound really gross. I have tried the plain ones and they don't taste to nice.

I have also started using the Gu Chomps which I really enjoy; however, I think they mess up my belly. It is either those or the endurolytes.

Oz Runner said...

hey you remembered i love orange gu! thanks, i'll take the three packets off your hands and put them to good use!


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