Friday, August 31, 2012

Even more changes!! **BLOG RELAUNCH**

We changed states, the kids changed schools.  Heck...we changed our life. I suppose it makes sense that my blog and website would change as well.

We are settled in Fort Collins, Colorado and it is time for me to start thinking about starting my business again. This website will be a key part of building that business. My business website has been sitting idle for a year. I paid for a domain name and used the free drag-and-drop software to create a boring website. Then I met Jaime from Fit With Flair, who specializes in creating websites for fitness professionals.

She did a great job!  I trust her recommendations as she has helped many women build their businesses. I am now on track to help women change their fitness!  One of her biggest recommendations was to move my blog from Blogger to my site as an integral part of my business. That means making the move to Wordpress.

I am not as scared of this move as I used to be. I write on a Wordpress platform for The RUNiverse, so I am used to the interface. My blog has been pretty stagnant this summer with sporadic posts, very few comments and no new followers. It needed some new life anyway.

So...[drum roll, please] Mom to Marathon is now at   The blog is at  Come check it out!  Please sign up for the RSS feed HERE so you don't miss anything!

And...of course, Happy Running!


Cathy W said...

Congrats Lisa! Your new site looks fantastic!

pay per head said...

congratulation in you relaunch. I think that it is great that you are trying to do everything new.

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