Monday, April 19, 2010

Good luck Boston runners!!

I'm thinking about all the people anxiously waiting for the start of the marathon this morning.  I know that there are plenty of bloggers out there running, but right now I can only remember Lindsay, TeaMarcia, and  Scott.  I'll shout out to them and anyone else running this morning.  I hope it is a great race!


Unknown said...

I'm thinking about the Boston runners too! And a guy from my running group is out there as well. GO BOSTON RUNNERS, GO!

L.B. said...

So exciting!! I hope all of our respective buddies running Boston are doing it well today!!

Did you see the male winner ran at a pace of 4:46 per mile, with a course record of 2:05:51??? INSANE!!!

Lindsay said...

Belated thanks for the shoutout and well-wishes :)


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