Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A new training perspective

Wow. I learned a LOT last weekend. I have a whole new perspective on training. Since I only have two marathons under my belt and the coaches teaching the class have hundreds (if not thousands counting all their clients over the past 25 years), I am going to take their word. It helps that they presented science behind their practices. I loved the science so much, that I am considering going back to school someday to learn about exercise physiology.

Here are the highlights of what I learned for my own running:
  • I've been training way too fast
  • Because I have been training too fast, I did not train my body to go the distance, using the right energy stores.
  • I went out much too fast during the marathon (planning for positive splits are asking for trouble)
  • I am not fueling myself enough (I need about 2400 calories per day and I don't think I am close)
I am still undecided as to whether or not I am going for a PR at America's Finest City Half in August. I am going to train as if I am. So I checked my charts and found that my shorter training runs should be run around a 10 minute pace (80% of max effort). I ran 6.25 miles at a 9:50. I'd say I did pretty well. As I was running I was feeling like I was at a good pace, but I didn't feel as slow as I thought I would. Then the negative thoughts crept in. I started worrying that I wouldn't be able to run faster. I worried that my legs would get too used to that pace. I need to get over that if I am going to coach people to train at the slower pace.

I am excited to try this out, however. I also have a handful of guinea pigs. Several of my friends are running the AFC too. My goal is for all of them to finish strong.

As I stated above, I learned a ton at the training. Jill and Donna, you're going to really enjoy it. I will post some more from the training later this week. I passed the test today (so I am official) and am still organizing my thoughts.


Marathonman101108 said...

Hey "Coach!" Congrats on that! Yes, I've also learned the hard way that slower is better. I'm looking forward to your coaching tips.

Irish Cream said...

Woo Woo! Yay, Coach Lisa!! :)

I am with you--I'm hoping to go back to school to study exercise physiology and sports nutrition as soon as my man gets done with his animation program (in June, 2010! One more year to go!). I just find the science of it all SO intriguing. I'm super excited to read your tips . . . thanks for sharing with us! :)

Tracy said...

Lisa, congrats, Coach! I'm using a training program from Smart coach, but have been consistently running faster than the pace they recommend (just felt too slow) for my runs. Will slow down... looking forward to learning more from you!

RunnerMom said...

I'm so excited now! I'm glad you shared your info!

I seriously doubt I'm training too fast. Maybe too slow..... :-)

Anonymous said...

"I've been training way too fast"

Jimmy texted me during the class and said, "We've been training way too fast!"

I admit to feeling the same thing when I ran slower the other night. But I'm excited to learn all the physiology about that. And I'm excited to the learn the fueling side too, I need to do better with that myself! I'm just excited about it ALL.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you enjoyed that coaching session this past weekend. My brother is also going to their classes as well. A friend of mine is going to massage school and he's taken the anatomy and physiology classses, and there is so much to learn! But I'm sure you'd be a natural at it. You just might have found your calling, Lisa!

Oh, and by the way, I've been meaning to email you - my 5K time is 26:10 from my most recent real race, but I also had a 3 mile race in Feb. that I did in the very low 25 minute range. Did they give you any time ranges that I should use to train for a 15K distance? with hills??

Erika said...

Congrats! Definitely looking forward to hearing more about what you learned.

MCM Mama

Aron said...

I am so glad you posted this :) just because I know I am going to go through some of the same mental battles here really quick.

So long runs should be done around 80% right? my books says 20% slower than goal pace and increase to 10% slower, which is just SO much slower than I am used to training at. I mean I didnt even start at 10% slower before. But I guess its a good thing to give it a try? I know from my last training cycle that I CAN run 20 milers at X:XX pace, so I guess just trying something new like this could just help? I hope!!!

I also have read a lot of the +30-45 seconds for long runs, which is still a lot faster than 20%. I guess I will just go with my training program this time :)


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