Friday, January 22, 2010

Some pictures from my PR Half Marathon

This is what a PR looks like:

 During the race (are those wings on my head?? No... just my hair.  Geesh, I need to look in a mirror before I leave the house.  LOL)

On the final stretch--

 Crossing the finish line--


*I would like to give credit to Action Sports Images LLC for their pictures.  Unfortunately, my budget does not allow for $13 5X7 prints that I have no room for.  These companies should make pictures available for posting on social media for a small fee ($.99 or $1.99).  I think we'd all pay that rather than "stealing" the low resolution image.  A high resolution digital copy is $27.95....yikes.  This post showing just how goofy I look when I run would have cost me almost $200! 


L.B. said...

Awesome pictures. I'd read your race recap and it sounded like you had a good time. These pictures confirmed it.

I've only bought one race picture, the finish shot of my first half marathon. We bought a card with a code after the race for 10 bucks and were told that the next day it would be 25 on the web site, so we were getting a deal. Yeah, right, I thought, but we still bought it anyway. Sure enough, the next day when I went to redeem it, it was 25 bucks. Yikes. I probably wouldn't have paid that so I lucked out.

RunnerMom said...

NO, those are GREAT action shots! Maybe the best I've seen! Not goofy at all. You look so FAST.

jillwillrun said...

You don't look goofy at all... which is kind of a relief to me as well since my hair does that same kind of flipping out thing with hats while running and I always worry about it.

Maybe if enough of us bloggers write posts about race photographer's absurd pricing, they'll someday make them more affordable!

Irene said...

You look gorgeous! I hope to have some photos like that THIS year. You've inspired me. Congrats!

Aka Alice said...

Congrats! You do look like you are having the BEST TIME (and I'm not just talkin' PR time!)

I agree with you regarding the social media/online thing. I'd pay a few bucks to use low res pix on my blog. The race photographers need to think in economies of scale.

Glenn Jones said...

Agreed on the price of race photos! Atrocious! Every now and then I'll buy one if something exceptional comes out, but if they dropped the prices a bit I'd buy more of them. Maybe someone needs to give these folks a lesson in price elasticity.

By the way - great photos Jill. The best part is we can all see teeth - like in a smile - not in a grimace.

Have a great weekend!

Terri said...

Love how your T-shirt says "just do it" and that you have a huge grin all over your face!

Oh, and if my hair was as long as yours, I'd probably get the wings too, LOL.

Kristin said...

You don't look goofy, you look great, and so happy! I so agree with the cost of race pics. They are priced like wedding photos! I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for a set of digital pics (assuming that there are at least 3 or 4 of me). Say $5 for a single pic or $20 for the set. I'll bet tons of people would do that and the photographer would still make a lot of money!

Oz Runner said...

great look like you're running strong and having fun...


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