Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1000 miles???

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately that have talked about mileage goals. The most common mileage goal seems to be 1000 miles. It struck me this morning that I have no idea what my total mileage for the year is. This is odd considering my obsession over feedback on my running (pace, distance etc.) I feel lost running without my Garmin and log each run diligently on Daily Mile.  The problem is that I didn't join Daily Mile until mid-April.  Prior to that, I didn't keep track of my runs in one place.

So... today I went through my old blog entries and my SportTracks for Garmin.  I didn't write about every run and I didn't have my Garmin every time, either*.  I am sure I missed a few runs, but none of any significant distance.  I put together a spreadsheet of my mileage.  It turns out that I can account for 966 miles!!!!  I am pretty happy with that, especially when I only ran 27 miles in all of September.

In looking at my overall mileage, I am surprised at how low my mileage was leading up to the marathon in May.  During my marathon training, I was fighting shin splints and did a lot of bike riding.  I ran 71 miles in March and 86 miles in April.  I didn't up my mileage until after my RRCA training in June.  I ran 124 miles in July while training for the AFC Half Marathon.

Hopefully, the rest of my runs this year end up better than this morning's run.  It started out so good.  It was a clear, brisk morning.  I had my gloves and hat and good tunes.  I was feeling good.  I ran the first few miles at a quick pace.  I turned up a very steep hill and powered up it, only walking for a little bit.  I ran down towards my house, thinking I would add another couple of miles in the area around my house. Right around four miles, my stomach started to hurt.  I was getting pretty good cramps and started feeling very "icky."  I really just needed a restroom, but the nearest one was at home.**  I ran another quarter mile or so and then walked the final quarter mile home, taking a shortcut back to the house.

In one week, I need to run 34 miles.  It is entirely possible, but not a foregone conclusion.  Wish me luck!

*Remember the unfortunate lost Garmin?  It wasn't gone long, but it is one example of why I didn't have it at times.
**In retrospect, I think I could have stopped at the gas station to use the restroom and kept going.  But I never even thought about it... I just wanted to get home.


Amanda said...

Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't hit the magical "1000 miles" mark, but according to Daily Mile I'm somewhere around 800. But I also went through a period where I stopped using Daily Mile, so I don't know exactly how close I am... Oh well!

Good luck in getting those miles in! And have a wonderful holiday!

jodes said...

Best of luck with your miles!! I'm in awe of your 966+!!! That's incredible. :-)

lindsay said...

you can do it! good luck :)

i am too addicted to tracking my miles... i almost choked when i read you didn't. lol. i know, huge dork, right here :) probably better that you are a little more relaxed about it!

momof3 said...


Terri said...

You're not alone, I've not logged all of my runs either, and really do need to see how many I have run this year! Problem is my Garmin sync-up thing tends to freeze up my laptop and my desktop computer is pretty slow, so I usually don't sync it up too often. just to surprise myself, I should add them all up!

Quite impressive, your mileage, especially given all the problems with the shin splints.


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