Monday, December 28, 2009

New mid-run snack

I have tried a lot of things to eat during long runs.  Most of the gels are way too sweet.  Most of the chews are, well.... too chewy.  I like Sport Beans, but since Costco stopped selling them, they are more difficult to find (not to mention more expensive now).

I have settled on two flavors of Gu.  I use the Just Plain and the Espresso Love flavors.  I usually eat Just Plain in the earlier miles and then the 2X caffeine Espresso Love later on.   With most of my runs, two is all I really need.  But now my runs are getting longer.  I need to eat more than two Gu's during runs over fifteen miles.   Frankly, eating more than a couple is NOT appealing.  Also, Gu is BORING.

I think I found some food that makes me smile during a run.  It isn't a "sport" food.  They don't have electrolytes or any other fancy stuff to help performance, but they are yummy and seem to give me a little boost, even if it is only mental.  I tried these for the first time on Sunday and will try again next week to make sure they work for me.

Yes... I am a big kid at heart.   :-)

Happy Running.


HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

haha that's great! I love sour Patch kids!

Teamarcia said...

Fun! Definitely not boring!

jodes said...

That's awesome! Makes me feel better about my running snack (Jolly Ranchers).

jillwillrun said...

My mom carried Skittles with her during the PF Chang's RnR half earlier this year. She liked those a whole lot more than the "sport food" options. She said it felt like getting a treat!

Amanda said...

Oooh, just looking at the pic of Sour Patch Kids makes my mouth pucker. I have a love/hate relationship with them:)

Terri said...

What about smarties? That's just one thing my brother in law uses, because the gus make him nauseous. I can imagine those sour patch kids would make you smile! Not to mention pucker, huh?! :-)


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