Saturday, November 29, 2008

My new favorite clothing item for running!

When I was getting ready for our trip to Moab, I realized that it might be cold there. All I had was biking shorts and a short sleeved biking jersey. I ordered some biking knickers and a long sleeved jersey from one of Kenny's suppliers, but I wasn't going to get them until the day of the trip. I didn't know if they would fit. I went to a bike store and bought some arm warmers and leg warmers as a backup.

It turned out to be COLD, not chilly. I needed every layer I could get. Those two items were a Godsend (especially when the knickers were way too big and I couldn't use them). Both items are like lycra on the outside and fleecy on the inside (is fleecy a word???). I even wore the arm warmers under the long-sleeve jersey along with a fleece vest. I was perfectly warm! On one day I took off the arm warmers and stuffed them into my backpack very easily.

Fast forward to this past Thursday. It was chilly (not cold) and rainy. I don't have running tights yet. My long pants that I have run in get really sloppy when they are wet. I often have to take off my long sleeve tech shirt when I wear it because I warm up pretty quickly. [note: the temps here have not dipped much lower than 60 degrees, so it is really only brisk] I decided to try the arm and leg warmers for the race. I wore the leg warmers on my eight-mile run last week and they worked pretty well. I wasn't exactly a fashion queen with a running skirt and lycra leg warmers, but hey, I was comfy.

*The arm warmers ROCK. I was warm and toasty with these things. They were the perfect addition to the morning. I think my arms were my least wet part of my body when all was said and done. These things will be perfect for long runs during the winter when it starts out in the 40's and ends up in the 60's. I can strip them off and tuck them into my waistband or something.

*The leg warmers were a success, but don't receive as high marks as the arm warmers. During the first mile when I was running pretty fast, they seemed to inch down my leg. I kept wanting to hike them up. During the second two miles, however, I didn't think about them much. They must have crept down and found a good spot to stay. They are also not quite as convenient since I would have to stop if I wanted to take them off.

All in all, even though these are biking apparel, I am a fan. They add an extra layer without adding bulk or warmth in areas I don't need it. I would definitely recommend them, especially for the price. The arm warmers were around $20 and the leg warmers were $30. Not a bad investment for an additional layer for the winter.

4 comments: said...

I bought some arm warmers at the expo before the San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll... best impulse purchase! I was desperately looking for something since the morning temp was supposed to be 30, but I knew I wouldn't want a whole long-sleeved shirt for the entirety. I'm definitely planning on getting another pair because they will be handy for winter runs!

Alissa said...

Thanks for the review. My running buddy and I were just talking yesterday about trying some arm warmers. I think I will look for them at the PF Changs expo.

AKA Alice said...

I think I'd like the arm warmers. I rarely seem to need running tights here...(although that may be because capris are almost full length on me...since I'm so short...GAH!)

Thanks for the review!

Jenn said...

Thanks for the review! The arm bands sound perfect . . .need to put them on my Christmas list.


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