Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is it REALLY almost November?????

You wouldn't know it by the weather around here. I am a HUGE fan of sunshine, sunny weather and summer. I never, in a million years, would ever think that I would long for cool, crisp days. But enough is enough. It was close to 90 degrees today and over 80 down at the bay where I went running today. I didn't finish my run until noon and that sun was beating down. I had a headache all afternoon. I think I might try those Endurolytes that so many of you praise (specifically, Terri and Alissa ). Alissa says that it helped her post-run headaches. Eventually this summer weather will go away and I won't need to worry about it as much....right??

I am trying some training ideas from Brain Training for Runners. Today I was going to do a twelve mile "progression run." After reviewing our to-do list and getting a later start than I had wanted, I adjusted it to eight miles. I just couldn't justify a two hour run. The book said to "start @ recovery pace; gradually increase pace every other mile. Run last mile @ half-marathon pace." I did my own variation of this. My main goal was to run a negative split on the last mile. I did it, but it felt like an all-out sprint when it should have felt a bit better. I still have a lot of work to do.

Here are my splits:

Mile 1- 9:31 (feeling good to start and having a hard time keeping the pace down below 10, which should be my recovery pace)
Mile 2- 9:26
Mile 3- 9:42 (consciously slowed down because I wanted to run the 4th mile at a faster pace. Is it too early to have a Gu?)
Mile 4- 9:07 (I felt pretty good about this mile because I had to run over two pretty steep bridges over the bay. I rewarded myself with a Gu after I was done. Does it make me a running wimp when I need calories during an 8 mile run?)
Mile 5- 9:56 (the fast mile started taking its toll. I was also starting to feel the heat. Why did I think it was a good idea to start running at 10:30???)
Mile 6- 9:50 (when is that Gu going to kick in?)
Mile 7- 9:32 (how many times am I going to look at that silly Garmin? One of these days I am going to trip because of my obsession with the Garmin)
Mile 8- 8:59 (woo hoo! As I began that last mile, I saw two older women walking. I am pretty sure by their attire that they were training for the 3-Day Walk. That is something I want to do someday. I thought to myself, "if two women in their 60's could walk 60 miles, I can certainly push myself this last mile." I ran that last mile for the women (and men) walking in a couple of weeks to raise money to fight breast cancer. I felt glad to be wearing pink :-) I was hoping that I could have done closer to 8:45, but it was my desired half-marathon pace and it was a negative split.)

Total Distance- 8.07 miles
Time- 1:16:44
Pace- 9:31

Lately, I have only been running on the weekend. Life has just been so busy. If I am going to do a half marathon in six weeks or so, I need to run during the week. It is just SO hard when it is dark in the morning. I think I am going to have to break down and get a gym membership so I can run on the treadmill at 5:30. Yikes.

Next week I am going to run my first 5K. Isn't it funny? I have run just about all the other distances-- marathon, half-marathon, 15K, 10K. I am not looking for a stellar time because it is not really a runner's race. It is the Race for the Cure and when I walked it a few years ago, I didn't even know that people ran it. Wow, how things have changed.

Happy running everyone! A special shout to everyone running the Marine Corp tomorrow. That is one race I would love to be part of. Good luck to MCM Mama in her first marathon!!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, that is so funny that you walked the 'Race for the Cure' your first time doing it because that's what I did too! I did it in 45 minutes. I've since run it a couple times, doing it every year for the past three years. I also want to do a 3-Day, my goal is to do it with my mom (since she is a 2x survivor of breast cancer) and I want to raise all the money for both of us to do it myself. I think it may have to wait a couple years, but it's on my list.

I've wanted to read that "Brain Training" book, I keep meaning to go pick it up at my local library.

Good luck on your 5K next week and on getting in your training time for the half-marathon coming up! Is it really just 6 weeks out? Wow...

Anonymous said...

you are not a wimp to take Gu during the 8 miler, would it make you feel better to know I also use Endurolytes, and gatorade, and my gels during that distance?! :-)

I LOVE the endurolytes, they are even helping me in the cold, when to be honest, I have not realized I am still sweating. Having problems figuring out what to wear, I think that is part of it.

Here, it's dark when I get up, and by the time I get home. Running in the dark can be scary, but running on the treadmill just makes me want to shoot myself!

Kristin said...

Have fun with the Race for the Cure--you're right not to expect a superfast pace. There are so many people that you can't get going fast right away, and that's so crucial in a short race! But it's a good cause, right?

I had a good run today too. So encouraging after my apparent decline! :) 12 miles in 2 hours, not superfast average, but only 4 of the miles were over the 10 minute range, and I was working on a negative split too. Mile 10 at 9:03 and Mile 11 at 8:37! (After which my stomach was pretty much in my throat.) Then Mile 12 was a recovery pace of 10:03, without even trying hard.

So I have hope....

Laura said...

I really want to start reading Brain Training for Runners - my brother got it for my birthday a few months ago but I haven't gotten to it yet. However, I think I might be a little lost... I don't know what my "recovery pace" is! I've never had a specific training plan - I just kind of go out and run and see how it goes.


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