Thursday, October 9, 2008

Signs and motivation

This week's Take It and Run Thursday topic is signs you love to see while running a race.

During my marathon, there were a two specific places where I remember the signs and how much they helped me. One of them came between miles 18 and 19. I had just hit the porta potty and I had lost all my rhythm. I was hurting and wondering if I would make it to the end. There was a woman on the side of the road holding a sign that said PAIN IS TEMPORARY. That made me remember a quote from Lance Armstrong on my Nike training mix that said "pain is temporary, quitting is forever." I looked at the woman holding the sign and thanked her. It really was all I needed to push through the next couple of miles.

The other sign(s) that stand out from that race were the most important of all. At mile 14, my biggest fans were along the course with a flag with loving words written on both sides. That flag was everything to me. The thoughts behind the flag and the people who made it were one of the biggest reasons I was running the marathon in the first place.

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tgorourke said...

I remember seeing those pics from your race report -those are awesome! Whenever I run a race and see kids with signs like that for their moms, it always makes me smile.

There were some signs I saw this past weekend like the ones you mention - I think I'll have to post something about them!

I like that - pain is only temporary. Nice!


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