Monday, April 14, 2008


I have talked a lot about the support of my running partners. I haven't mentioned the most important support of all-- the support of my husband.

When I first told him about my quest to run a marathon, he didn't really seem particularly for or against the idea. I asked if he would be willing to stay with the kids during my long runs and he agreed. He didn't seem excited nor did he seem annoyed. I think I perceived him as a bit indifferent. I don't really blame him. I talk a pretty big game sometimes, but I don't always follow through on my plans. I am going to declutter the house, paint the kids' bathroom, get bids on a new deck off the master bedroom etc. etc. So I am sure that he was playing the wait-and-see game before he became too invested in the idea. Also, in the early stages, it didn't affect him much. My long runs were just over an our or so. Lastly, when something is so far away, it is harder to get "into it." When I was pregnant, he didn't really get "into it" until I was showing and it was obvious that a new person would be joining our family.

Lately, he has been much more involved. He asks about how my runs are consistently. The other day, I couldn't run in the morning like I usually do. I had forgotten that I had lent out my double stroller, so I couldn't run in the afternoon with the kids and didn't really want to anyway. I asked if he could make it home before dark. I told him that I could skip it if he needed to stay at work. He told me that I needed to do my run and that he would be home as soon as he could. That day I needed that kind of push. I probably would have skipped it had he not made the effort to make it home. Saturday night he took the car and put gas in it for me so I didn't have to worry about it at 5:15 a.m. heading to pick up the girls. Last week, he missed his basketball game so that I could go to a marathon clinic put on by the race organizers. Finally, this past weekend, he completely rearranged his bike ride around my run on Sunday morning.

For the first time, Kenny is talking about plans on the day of the race. He even went so far as to suggest that we start acclimating ourselves to waking at 4 a.m. to be prepared for race day. I am not sure if he knows what that would entail with two small children. I think it is easier for me to be the only one who gets up that early on race day. I am excited that he is starting to think about when, where and how he will get the kids to various points on the course to cheer on their mommy.

He addressed his birthday card to me as "Sexy running chick." That made me smile. My birthday present, at the suggestion of Jackson, is a pair of running sunglasses of my choice. Kenny wanted to pick them out for me, but the people at the store suggested I pick out my own. It is a very thoughtful gift.

The kids are super supportive as well. Jackson is always asking how my run went. The other day I came home from the long run and he asked, "did you run the Marathon today?" He had a huge grin and he looked proud. When I leave in running gear they both say, "have a good run, Mama!" I can't wait to see their smiling faces during the race and especially after it!

I am not sure if Kenny knows how much it means to me that he is behind me on this journey. As the runs get longer, his commitment is needed more. These runs are closing in on three hours.


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Hilly said...

Bravo Kenny! Jon was the same, sort of just there to babysit but was very excited about the event come race-day, and nervous for me! It was sweet and of course, the one time I saw him was at the top of a monster hill, not looking so great at about mile 9, it figures. He did say though that I looked in pretty good shape compared to others he saw with tears falling down their cheeks... ugh! Just wait until race day, he will be so excited, I'm glad he is being supportive. HUGS and happy running, you're doing great! Hilly


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