Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers....

Well, not stop, but slow down and look around you. This morning was a gorgeous morning. You know... the kind where the clouds have a lovely pink tint from the rising sun, the birds are singing and it is crisp, but not too cold. My four mile run this morning was a nice jog along the canyon path in my neighborhood.

I was nervous because I thought it would be one of those painful runs that I needed to endure. I didn't feel absolutely 100% and my bed was much more comfortable than getting up, but I looked at the run as a recovery run and it was actually quite pleasant. I felt a little tight, but nothing like other runs I have had.

The canyon is totally in bloom. Everywhere you look, there are those little black-eyed susans (those little yellow daisy-looking flowers). There are birds everywhere and I even saw a little rabbit. One of these days I am really hoping to see a deer.

I ran four miles at just under a 10-minute-mile pace. It wasn't a great time, but it wasn't that bad either. I need to look at each run as a step to get me stronger and more prepared for that ultimate goal.

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