Friday, July 20, 2012

Making a new home

As you know, we moved. We are no longer residents of Southern California and are proud Coloradans. As I create our home and unpack boxes, I have been trying to keep a running routine and my mileage up.  I wrote an article on about finding ways to do just that.

When I have gone out for a run, I have struggled a bit with the altitude. It is right at 5000 feet here and I honestly didn't think it would affect me as much as it has.  In the past, I have been able to run at even higher elevations several times (in 2008 and 2010). What I have learned is that the effects of altitude don't necessarily show up right away. After two weeks I still feel the altitude, especially when going up hill. It has also been pretty hot (as it has been all over the country) and I have had a tough time motivating myself to get up early.

I was very spoiled with my running group.  On any given day, I had a friend to run with. Running by myself has been a difficult transition. It really makes motivation a struggle. I miss my friends quite a bit. I am going to try to join local runners soon. I really need to psych myself up for going. I am nervous. My running isn't really up to par and I am a little afraid that they will leave me behind.  Once I acclimate a bit more, I will have more confidence to join strangers for a group run.

On one of my first runs through my neighborhood, I saw the following evidence of women doing workouts.  I didn't see anyone, so how did I know it was women?  Do you know any men who write "love" in a heart? I have yet to see this type of evidence since, but I am hoping to catch the "culprits" and maybe invite myself to join them?
On my first long run, I followed one of the many bike paths in and around Fort Collins. There were cool statues, a few motivational signs, some murals, a pelican on a quiet lake and a snake.  I loved all of it except the snake.  Yikes.
I know I will love it here. I know I will find a new community of friends, moms and runners.  I am just feeling a bit impatient, I suppose.

I am off for another long run tomorrow.

Happy Running...

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lindsay said...

I love that those ladies write on the sidewalk! Hope you run into them soon. Glad the transition is going well and hope you find some new friends soon! I'd be impatient too!


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