Sunday, July 19, 2009

Peak week

I ran 37 miles last week. It would have been 40, but I cut one run short in anticipation of a bike ride and the other because of tummy issues. I am pretty sure that this week is my highest or close to highest mileage week ever. I need to go check my marathon training, but I was only running three or four days a week during those cycles and I am now running five days a week. It is funny that my peak week comes while training for a half marathon.

This week I start my "sharpening" phase of the training cycle. I am adding in a day of speed work and maybe some hill repeats. I have built my endurance and now it is time to see if I am ready to go for that PR.

Here is a breakdown of my week:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: run 3 miles easy [scheduled for five]; ride 14 miles on a bike
Wednesday: run 5.5 miles with one mile at race pace [scheduled for eight, but needed to head back home due to tummy issues]
Thursday: run 7 miles easy [scheduled for five-- I wanted to make up some miles]
Friday: run 7 miles with four minute intervals*
Saturday: rest
Sunday: run approximately 14.75 miles [my Garmin refused to turn on, so I am estimating**]

This week is scheduled to be 37 miles as well.

*I listened to Lance Armstrong's Run Longer mix. It coaches you through several alternating four minute intervals of fast and slow running. The music is good and Lance Armstrong comes on and gives tidbits of coaching. I hadn't listened to it in a while. Since I am cheering for Lance in the Tour de France, I thought it would be fun to listen to. It was great. The intervals were as follows:
  • warm up--.91 miles @ 9:51 pace
  • interval 1--.47 miles @ 8:21 pace
  • recovery--.45 miles @ 9:17 pace
  • interval 2-- .48 miles @ 8:22 pace
  • recovery-- .42 miles @ 9:10 pace
  • interval 3-- .51 miles @ 7:57 pace
  • recovery-- .41 @ 9:32 pace
  • interval 4-- .53 @ 7:43 pace
  • recovery/cool down-- 2.83 miles @ 9:18 pace
**I had mapped fourteen miles, but since it was a group run, I ran more than that by running back and forth between runners. I was super bummed that my Garmin didn't do anything. No beeps... just nothing. It was completely dead. It works now. It just suddenly came back to life. The same thing happened to Kenny for his triathlon. Has that happened to anyone?


Marlene said...

Nice week!

The interval program sounds interesting. I need a virtual 'coach' like that!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

i've had problems with my garmin on and off. last couple times i needed to reset it to get it to work again. not sure what is up with that, but resetting it worked...

MCM Mama said...

Nice job on the mileage! How did you decide the speed for your intervals? Or did you just run comfortably fast?

Kristin said...

Very impressive week! I'm interested in that Lance Armstrong training download, I may try to get it (assuming my techno abilities cooperate) and use it on a speedwork day that calls for 800s, as a change from running around the track! I had a high mileage week too, over 40 miles for the first time, and probably only time, since the reason I went so high was because I ran 5 days instead of 4--which I don't intend to do on a regular basis. :)

lindsay said...

nice mileage! a few miles off isn't the end of the world, and like you said you have bumped up your days/week so you are benefiting from a number of sources. :)

hunker down in those workouts! get that pr!

aron said...

congrats on the milesage PR!! you are doing awesome... keep it up and you will see that race PR too :)

Irene said...

My husband really likes running with Lance in his head. He seems to think it helps. :) I personally enjoy the music mix!

Anonymous said...

I had that problem with my older Garmin, and there was one or two days lately that I had not even run with it, had had it plugged in before that for a day, and then lo and behold it was completely dead. I didn't get it. Now I don't feel so bad.

37 miles is awesome!


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