Thursday, April 16, 2009

The lead is gone

On today's schedule:
warm up mile
4X1600 @7:50 w/ 800 jogs
cool down mile

Here's how it played out:
warm up mile- 8:58
interval mile 1-7:11
jog .45- 8:53 pace
interval mile 2- 7:10
jog .37- 9:28 pace
interval mile 3- 7:14
jog .5- 9:12
interval mile 4-6:50 (!!!!!!!!)
cool down mile- 9:36
total- 7.33 miles in 59:18, average pace 8:05

I forgot my iPod today, which was really frustrating. I am thrilled with the fact that I was able to run without music for an entire hour. Maybe my fast splits can be attributed to no music. It was like running on a treadmill-- I just wanted to get it over with. At least it was a nice day- sunny, none of yesterday's winds and in the 50's.

My shins were bothering me. They didn't hurt enough to keep me from running, but I felt them the entire time. The good thing is that the warmer my muscles got, the less they bothered me. I have iced them a bit and plan on icing more tonight after I put the kids down. I have worked too hard to let my shins hold me back. It is time to baby them!!

Wow... what a change from Tuesday's sluggish run!


MCM Mama said...

Wow! You are getting seriously fast!

AKA Alice said...

Geez... You are getting fast. Your jog pace is faster than my interval pace... ;-)

I know you've been working at it. You're doing great!

It's gonna get HOT this weekend I hear...Awwwww...

Janet B. said...

OMG! Rocket up your ass! LOL

Stretch those calves!!!! How old are your shoes?

Irish Cream said...

Those are some AMAZING times, Lisa! You are seriously speedy! Hope the shins feel better--ice, ice baby! :)

Anonymous said...

do you have shin splints? Please, PLEASE take it easy if that's what you've got. You know what they feel like, right? They tend to hurt less once the muscles are warmed up.


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