Monday, April 20, 2009


I am trying to get updates on the Boston Marathon. The live coverage on UniversalSports doesn't seem to be going yet.
I just want to see Kara run. I know there has been a ton of hype about her race, but I am buying it all. I just love her. I was thinking about her during my speed workout on Thursday. On my fastest mile, with my VO2 max at its max, I might be able to keep up with her for one mile during an easy training run. During a race? Forget about it. She would sprint away from me like I was standing still.

I am also a big fan of Ryan Hall. He just seems like such a good guy. When we stayed in Big
Bear last summer, the entire town (his home town) was in love with Ryan Hall.

Hopefully, I will be able to see the coverage soon! I did just find some updates on Apparently, Ryan Hall is in the lead and Kara Goucher is running in a pack. Conserving energy? They mention that the women are running very slowly.

Good luck to everyone out there running in Boston!

UPDATE: I found Universal Sports on TV! That is even better, because I can TIVO it when I leave. I also discovered that the live internet coverage doesn't work with Firefox. When I opened it in Internet Explorer, it came right up.


Kristin said...

Hope your coverage got going. I've been watching Universal Sports since 6:30 a.m. when the women took off. Kara looks good, holding strong in the lead pack more than halfway on. Ryan Hall took the lead for the first few miles, then dropped back. You'll be amused, the women's pace is "slow"--don't know what it is now but actually it was 6:30 to 7:00 at the beginning, which really is slow for elites! I took the day off to watch this...I'll go for a run when it's over, then who knows what I'll do with my free afternoon. (Housecleaning or yardwork would be wise!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're both pretty amazing. Even at the end of the race, he was acknowledging fans and everything. He's truly thankful for his gift - I've read that's part of his way of giving back to the fans, did you read that article too?

You'll have to make a trip out to Boston and watch the race with me, in person! Seriously! The little ones ok with cats?!


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