Monday, October 31, 2011

Inspiring Woman Inspiring Women #1

Amanda, from Runninghood, did a post about some inspiring women that she has discovered in the blogosphere. I am stealing her idea and taking her lead. So here is my first list of women who inspire me.  Of course, this is not an all inclusive list.  I decided to start with some of the first women that I met on the internet through this blog.


Terri was the first person to comment on my blog (other than my family and friends). I remember how excited I was to receive support from a total stranger. Terri and I connected through our blogs and I discovered what a great social network blogging really is. I had no idea. Terri doesn’t blog much any more. She has had a lot going on in her life lately.  But the great thing about Terri is that she tries all the time to focus on the positive—even when things are crumbling around her. She has always been so supportive of me—3000 miles away.

Oh and Terri is my idol when it comes to ab strength. She is a machine when it comes to planks!


Jill’s blog is interesting and informative.  She is a fellow RRCA coach and leads a Team Challenge group in Las Vegas. She is a go-to gal for product reviews and all the latest trends in running. Jill was a finalist in Shape Magazine’s Best Bloggers.  Her story was also featured in Shape and can be read HERE.

Jill has overcome an eating disorder and is a strong advocate for healthy body image. In addition, she is a strong advocate for breast cancer awareness. Her mother fought cancer and she was chosen to run the Global Race For the Cure event in Washington DC with her mother. You can read about it HERE.


Alissa doesn’t blog much anymore either, but she does run a pretty cool t-shirt company called Balancing Act Clothing*. She has some beautiful designs and inspirational messages. Alissa struggles to fight her own personal demons. Yet she still finds a way to be supportive and encouraging to those around her.

Alissa is a talented designer.  In fact, she designed the logo for my business that I LOVE.


Alice lives very near where I lived in the San Diego area.  In fact, my son went to the elementary school (for a couple months) that he kids went to. I think I found her blog due to the fact that she was “local.” I became a fan of the blog because it was so much fun to read.

She and her best friends, the Heffers, run together (and sometimes bike) and often celebrate a good run with some mimosas afterwards.  My kind of gals! They travel all over to run races together and then Alice writes about their adventures. I was able to be part of one adventure at a race a couple of years ago.  Fun times!

Alice inspires me not to take myself too seriously. Running is an opportunity to be outside, be active and be with friends.

Thus far, I have focused on bloggers I met while my blog was still very young.  I will do another post featuring some of the wonderful women I have discovered recently.  However, I had to mention one truly inspiring woman today. I am incredibly inspired by Dorothy at Mile Posts.  I have followed her blog for a while, but I was able to meet her at Hood to Coast this summer. I developed a bit of a girl crush on her.  She is beautiful inside and out and is an unbelievable runner. She has three children and her youngest isn’t even a year old yet. 
But she still runs faster than just about anyone I know;  Dorothy recently ran a 3:13 marathon!!  Eleven months after the birth of a baby, she ran faster than I could ever dream of running.  But she is a regular person, just like me.  She has found the strength to unleash her God-given talent.  She balances her running with motherhood, something so many of us struggle to do.  Yesterday, she ran another marathon (two weeks after her fabulous 3:13) and finished in 3:21!  I was so inspired by her feat that I decided to start this post.

I will do other posts with this theme because I am inspired every day by various women I have discovered out here in the blogosphere.  Grab the picture above and join Amanda and me in recognizing women who touch our souls.

Who inspires you?  Who do you inspire?

Add your own "Inspiring Woman Inspiring Women" post here so we can all see some of those great women out there:

*Balancing Act Clothing is currently offline while Alissa deals with some personal issues. Check out her store in late November to find some great shirts just in time for Christmas!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Oh yay!! I'm so glad you did this. I can't wait for my quiet time so I can sit down and read this in its entirety and find some new inspirations!! i'll be sure to link this post when I do my next IWIW post!

Terri said...

You've made me had a hitch in my breath now, after reading this. Thank you for what you said, I know you know how much your words mean. You were there for me last year in July, when I basically hit rock bottom. Maybe I shouldn't give up on my blog after all? I was going to take it down last night (and just deactivated my twitter account, so thank God you and I can see each other's updates on facebook.)

And I LOVE the new blog!!

Tricia said...

loved this!

lindsay said...

i love this 'feature'/series. great group of ladies too! i "know" terri/jill/alyssa. (terri know-know!)

Laura said...

great post! i'm just getting started, but wondered if i can add you to my blogroll as it comes together? thanks!

iffatali said...

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