Thursday, December 4, 2008

I know I am finally committed!

I am finally officially training for the half marathon next month.

I needed to do some speedwork today. I can't do it in my neighborhood due to hills, dirt trails etc. I didn't think I could get it all done if I had to drive to the track. I decided to go to the rec center, put the kids in their daycare and run on the dreaded treadmill (now I know why so many people call it the dreadmill). Yes, I have run on treadmills before. The last time was relatively early in my marathon training, before I knew better.

Next time it is VERY important that I DO NOT forget my iPod!! Holy moly. That is a good way to make five miles seem like an eternity! It is very difficult to run at a 8:19-8:27 pace while reading the subtitles on The View. I don't even like The View. It was just the only tv close enough to my chosen treadmill that I could read the words. I actually increased the speed at the end of the intervals just so I could get the misery over sooner. I was bored to tears and more sweaty than normal. I just take for granted the benefit of nice scenery and a slight breeze. I really feel for those of you in terribly cold climates where the treadmill is the only thing between you and freezing your tooshies off!

I was glad I did it. It means I am following my Runnersworld training plan. And to answer a question in my comments (I think it was from Alissa), I did put my most recent 5K time into the Runnersworld SmartCoach to get my plan. I ran one warm up mile at around a 10:30 pace. I did two miles between a 8:19 and 8:27 pace with 1/2 mile recovery in between and after. I am supposed to jog the 800's, but I did walk for a few minutes to drink some water. I ended with a cool down mile for a total of five.

Happy Running!!


AKA Alice said...

Yay! Is next month the Carlsbad 1/2?

I'm with ya on listening to the iPod while running. I can't watch the TV monitor either. It makes me nauseous.

Marathonman101108 said...

You go girl!! Nice job "sucking it up" and going for the "dreadmill" run. I never, and I mean never, run the dreadmill. Even though I live in CT, I'll run in a snowstorm before I'll run on a dreadmill. Congrats again, and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Yep, now you know why now I am still going out there in 35 degree weather. As long as it's clear, I want to keep getting out there because i know once the snow and ice starts showing up, it's going to be a very LONG winter. Better to be bored yet non-injured than outside and do some major damage, injury-wise, right?

Sorry I've been a bad blog-reader lately, just catching up this weekend.

My friend corey, while training for boston last year, did 16 miles inside on the treadmill with no iPod, and no TV. Can you begin to imagine that?!


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